Regular vs Premium Gas for Lawn Mowers: Here’s The Truth!

Your lawn mower runs on the same octane gas as your car, which means that you can basically use the same gas that your car uses on your lawn mower. But, when we talk about different types of fuels, there is the premium and there is the regular and more affordable type of gas you can use. So, if the premium gas makes your car run more efficiently, does it also apply to your lawn mower? Can you put premium gas in a lawn mower?

Yes, you can put premium gas in a lawn mower and it will still run the same way. But just because you can do it, it doesn’t mean that you should. There won’t be any differences when you use premium gas in a lawn mower because this kind of gas was formulated for car engines. You are only going to end up spending more money.

Gas is gas, and that applies to your lawn mower. Still, lawn mowers will treat any octane gas the same way regardless of whether you are using the regular variant or the more expensive premium variant. That’s why there really is no point in using premium gas at all. But let’s try to look at it on a deeper level.

Can You Use Premium Gas In Your Lawn Mower?

Can You Put Premium Gas In Your Lawn Mower?

If you happen to own a car, you would know that choosing a more expensive variant of gas is a better decision instead of choosing the more affordable variant. While there is nothing wrong with choosing a regular variant of gas such as 87 octane fuel as opposed to the more expensive 93 octane gas, expensive fuel is meant to make your car’s engine work a lot more smoothly and efficiently.

So, because the premium gas variant is better for your car compared to the regular fuel, does it also follow that it would be better for you to choose the premium gas for your lawn mower compared to the regular gas?

While yes, you can put premium gas in a lawn mower because gas is gas as far as your lawn mower is concerned, that doesn’t mean that you should use it. Remember that premium gas is meant to make your car run in a more efficient way because of how the additives improve the engine’s efficiency. However, that won’t do anything for your lawn mower.

Your lawn mower will still be using any type of gas regardless of whether it may be the premium variant or the regular one. Premium gas will work in the same way as regular gas when it comes to your lawn mower unlike how cars are better off using the more expensive premium gas. Still, it’s simply a bad idea for you to do that.

The primary reason why it would be a bad idea for you to use premium gas for your lawn mower is the very fact that premium gas is more expensive than regular fuel. As such, you will only be spending more money on something that works in the same way that regular fuel would. That would be a bad decision because you will only end up throwing away your money.

However, there might be a few advantages when you use premium gas for your lawn mower depending on the engine you have on your mower. Lawn mowers with smaller engines are found to be able to process gasoline that is purer and of a higher quality. That means that they are able to function well.

Also, premium gas is purer compared to regular gas. That is why your lawn mower with a smaller engine might be able to use less fuel on a long-term basis. Still, if you factor in the price differences, there probably won’t be a huge advantage on your part if you use premium gas over regular gas. That’s why it would be better for you to stick with the old regular the entire way.

Is Premium Gas Bad for a Lawn Mower?

So, now that we know that using premium gas gives your lawn mower little to no advantages as opposed to when you are using regular gas, can premium gas be bad for lawn mowers?

There is no clear answer as to whether or not premium gas can be bad for your lawn mower but there is a chance that they might actually be bad. That’s because premium fuel comes with different additives that are meant to make your car’s engine work in a more efficient way. But because such additives won’t work on your lawn mower’s engine, there might be a chance that such additives would end up damaging the lawn mower’s internals.

In most cases, you probably don’t know what additives are placed in premium fuel. That means that you won’t be sure whether or not such additives can end up damaging your lawn mower in the long run.

Still, there are some additives that can actually be good for your lawn mower because they will be able to help clean its engine or remove tiny debris similar to how premium gas can do that for car engines. But you can’t be too sure about that.

The Best Gas for Your lawn Mower

If we were to tell you which gas is the best for your lawn mower, just stick with the old regular gas you can get in your nearby gasoline station instead of going with the premium variant. You get little to no benefits when choosing a more expensive gas.

Also, in addition to that, you should watch out for the ethanol content in the gas you are using. Anything that is more than 10 percent ethanol may end up damaging your lawn mower’s internals. Stick to gas that is at most 10 percent ethanol only.

Ultimately, the decision is actually up to you. If your finances are the least of your worries because you have a lot of money to throw around, you shouldn’t be bothered by using the more expensive premium fuel for your lawn mower especially if you realized that it helps your mower run better. But, for those who are more on the economical side of things, you can just stick with the regular gas.

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